The Taos Kiva Fireplace Grate was designed and thoroughly tested by the chimney

professionals of Terry’s Chimney Service in Taos, New Mexico. Manufactured in Taos

of ½” welded bar stock, the unique configuration ensures that you can easily build a

“teepee” fire against the curved back wall of any fireplace.  If you have a kiva fireplace,

or know someone who does, this amazing fireplace grate makes it easy to build the

perfect fire every time!

There are 3 reasons this is the best accessory you will ever buy for your kiva fireplace

1.  The shape actually helps prevent a Kiva fireplace from smoking. The flow of air into

the firebox reaches the back wall, then is turned upward by the heat following the

shape of the back wall up through the damper and into the flue. This is called,

“laminar flow.”  Gases and liquids tend to follow the shape of obstacles they encounter. 

This is best illustrated when watching water flow around rocks in a creek.

2. The shape of the grate makes starting a fire extremely simple. Just place

loosely balled up newspaper behind the grate against the back wall and stand

kindling vertically along the lines of the grate. As the fire takes hold, add increasingly larger pieces of wood. Voila!

3.  The resulting vertical kiva fire will burn bright and hot. The taller flames radiate more perceivable heat because of the nature of the invisible radiation from fire.  This is the same heat we feel standing in sunlight.

​Consider the eighteen inch grate for larger Kiva fireplaces!

Details of the Taos Kiva Fireplace Grate

Kiva Fireplace Grate